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October 2009
Remodel done and we're and moving in!

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October 2009 Remodel done, and moving in!
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October of course means Halloween, here's one of Natalie's costumes she tried out, plus a pumpkin she drew on with a felt pen. That blue tissue is the pumpkin's hair.

Natalie got inspired watching a kids show where they made this type of headband, so she made one for her and Jack. Jack has a huge scrape from a tumble taken while he and Dave were out with Daisy at our apartment.

Yet more goofing around.

Natalie's class at Browns Pt. Elementary. It turns out having schoolkids dress up in costume at school is fairly unusual, we didn't really think about that but we can understand the issues that could arise. Natalie's in the back row next to Mrs. Walters her teacher.

Natalie and her friend Jade. Natalie was wearing this great lizard costume Sara found at an antique shop for five bucks. It is old fashioned, high quality, and we'll keep it for Jack's later years.

On actual Halloween night, Jack was a dinosaur / lizard, and Natalie a ladybug. A couple more $5 apiece vintage costumes. Jack got a kick out of trick or treating, and Natalie thought it was the very very best night ever, 2nd only to her birthday.

Jack D. Porter, approaching 18 months.

We put some bubble bath in the jetted tub, cranked it up and made a lot of bubbles for Natalie's fun time. She doesn't actually like the jet part, just the bubbles.

The mainfloor at our home, post-remodelling, but before some of the millwork gets on (a long process). Natalie's bedroom door used to be behind those two middle pictures on the wall.

Mainfloor bath now has a slider door and cabinet behind, plus new hardwood floor. This bathroom used to have a tub. Incredibly, we have three brand new bathrooms as a result of the remodel.

Natalie's room, rather messy. We are still living partly out of boxes as things get organized. She calls her bed a "sleeping boat."

Newly varnished railings, and new carpeting.

Master bedroom, with Jack's crib for the moment until we get his room on the mainfloor organized.

Upstairs bath, showing the maple vanity cabinet, and mirrors and a few pictures installed. This room is starting to shape up. It's nice and roomy and the 4-foot-square shower is wonderful.

One side of the walk in closet. There are 15 lineal feet of clothes-hanger bar--amazing!!

Utility room, with our new / used washer. The old one broke down after sitting outside under a tarp for 4 months. This room needs more cabinetry and shelving eventually

Our fancy tankless waterheater, it's 98% efficient. Continuous hot water, if you don't mind paying the bill. In the middle is our $50 freezer, to the right the 95% efficient Trane furnace.

Note the asphalt paving.

And much easier more roomy parking area.

Eventually we'd like to create some attractive stairways (concrete) with tile, and some planters maybe.

Here's our 8 prehung interior doors, solid oak. Dave rented a truck and hauled them all downstairs in about 2 hours. They weighed A LOT, maybe 80-90 lbs. apiece and awkward to move around.

Here's the look of the wood after one coat of Minwax Antique Oil finish--a forgiving, low stress finishing approach. Reading the can, one or two more coats would be advisable. I finished all sides before they were installed (which may occur next week).

You can see the before / after look of the doors and their finish.

Mia the cat got reacclimated to the house very easily. Here she is napping.

Some of the 17 window sills painstakingly cut out and finished with one coat of stinky lacquer.

Another shot of some of the longer ones. The wood is VG grade straight grain fir, and the skirts will be in this wood too. The rest of the wrapping will be hemlock.

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