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November / December 2009
The last pictures of the year, plus Xmas and New Years

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Window sills going in, here is step 1 which involved three coats of lacquer on each of the 17 sills.

Here are two sills side by side in the master bedroom. Note the interesting corner where they meet.

Jack and Natalie love drawing.

Jack is in "shorts" in November!

Natalie was named "student of the month" along with several other classmates. This is the assembly where the whole school gathered for that recognition. Sara and Judy were in attendance.

Over the Christmas holiday Sara's friend Laura visited her folks, and brought her 3-month old "Charlie." Here he is in Sara's arms.

A 4 or 5 day project--build a 6x12 foot shed. Step A is the foundation and flooring. Total price of materials was about $600-700.

Side framing and trusses are up.

Front view, nearly finished (not yet painted).

An oblique overhead view from Natalie's window. The shingles have a few left to go on the roof cap but it's weatherproof now.

Christmas Day! We didn't really get too many pictures. Here is some of the "loot" received by the kids. Jack didn't really get fully involved, he was frustrated by getting the wrapping removed. Natalie is certain Santa is real, evidenced by the milk drunk and cookies eaten.

Natalie got a nice easel with a whiteboard on one side, and chalk board on the other. Jack likes both. He's a little wild with the marking pens though--got to keep an eye out when that's happening.

Pixie and Dixie, as we like to call them.

Here is a nice picture of a fish, Natalie is pretty proud of her drawings lately.

Wrapped up in a curtain that was removed temporarily. It make Natalie sneeze, what with all the dust in it.

A similar obscured view, somewhere we have a version of this same looking-thru-the-strainer picture of Natalie.

Dot and Dash, in the December sunny period we had around Christmas.

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