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January 2010
Happy New Year!

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Surprise! Natalie's top front tooth fell out, and you can see the adult one emerging. Her two middle bottom ones are of the adult variety. For a long time her upper babytooth was stuck out like "snaggletooth." She also might be called "dirtyface" here, with some residual face painting from the school carnival last night, and other misc.

We took this of Jack (20 months) coincident with Natalie's room being very picked up and cleaned out. You can see her menagerie arrayed around the bed and windowsills.

Pretty sunrise, click here for large-format version suitable for your desktop or screensaver.

Natalie makes a pizza for herself and brother.

Window wood wrapping, here is the first one of 17 needing this treatment.

Windows #1 and #2. These downstairs ones are 100% fir wrapping, with hemlock molding on three sides.

More molding on the doorways.

Window #3. The downstairs is almost done, except for the baseboard molding which is white and painted.

We got rid of our grungy old sectional couch, sent to a good home via the local furniture donation / redistribution program. This couch has seen a lot of good days and better days than the condition it's in now. But it is (was) very serviceable.

Porter family.

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