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November 2012 through June 2013
After a lengthy break in the photo-posting

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Alaska Cruise August 2014
Almost a year's worth of 2014 photos!

Highest tide ever recorded in WA, 12-17-12. We had a major SW windstorm too.

Kids on Christmas day.

Winter sunset.

We liked our tie-dye set we got for Christmas, even Lulu is wearing one.

Kids plus their dog.

They like large arrangements and combinations of toys.

Lulu the rescue shelter dog. Has issues, but lovable.

This barge listed way over and dumped 36 crushed cars in the bay.

Sara's brother Jeff's CB550-4. Not sure, could be a late 70's. He sold it to buy something a little bigger and more comfortable for long trips.

Magnolia tree in full bloom in spring.

With Jack's friend Zane, at the Easter egg hunt.

Cabin "E" in Winthrop. Spent five days there for spring break.

The beautiful Methow river.

Lulu liked running around the forest, the wide open spaces.

Jack's pre-school spring presentation.

Cousin Faye visited overnight on her way to the airport. She's a dog lover too an Lulu noticed.

Faye Knowles and our kids, ages 5 and 8.

Natalie's last day of school, June 14.

We had a dual kid birthday party for Jack and his school friend Piper.

At the party, the kids enjoyed sun, wind, rain, a bouncy inflated house, and boat rides.

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