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It's July 4th! The annual Browns Pt. Parade.

We were in charge of lemonade for the masses. It only lasted for about 10 minutes.

Back at our house, Jack's friends Cooper and Zane visited during the afternoon.

On the "Argosy" during a Seattle couple of days at the Camlin hotel. A beautifully blue sky today.

Rocky Reach dam, during a family reunion held at Susan and Jeff's house in Wenatchee.

Melinda and Zak told us the secret of how to find 4-leaf clovers, so everyone was trying.

Hurray! It's a reunion of the Porters, Leavitts, and now Richardson's.

Kids pool on a hot afternoon.

I'm not sure why all were dressed up, but they were!

Prepating for Natalie's birthday party.

Natalie wore a nice dress and here was arranging some of her presents.

We rented a limo and took the kids to have their nails done, then to the frozen yogurt place.

Friends Mia, Natalie, Josie, and Sydney.

Another tablefull of Jack, Annalise, Carrina, and Sophia.

All girls plus one boy.

There's the gigantic limo in our alley.

Happy 9th birthday, Natalie! You are the best daughter ever.

On a trip to Bellingham, to visit Sam and Joyce. Here we are in "red square" WWU, with the kids and grandmother.

Sam has lots of great toys in Bellingham. Jack loves these old fashioned tinkertoys.

Boating around on the big and small paddleboards.

Jack's first day of school!! He did get some shoes on before we left. He was very proud to go off to kindergarden, with his sister and Lulu walking up to the bus.

At Jack's school desk, getting ready to start.

Coming off the bus after the first day. We have all-day kindergarden which is great.

Our gravelly beach, looking at Mt. Rainier. If you look close you can see a "pink" salmon splashing out there. A random event the camera caught.

I love to look for agates on the beach.

At the Puyallup fair, the typical afternoon of rides.

"Typical" sunset around here. Long summer nights.

October brings us Halloween!

Natalie was practicing her multiplication. Here we put a yellow spot on the ones she had down cold. In just a few weeks, the whole sheet filled in. She is better at multiplying than her dad!

Family reunion in La Mesa. What a great visit. 6 nights in mid November, warm and sunny.

Jack the beast of burden here, pulling Joyce around the parking lot of their condo.

Sara loves the warm weather, and the nice patio facing off to the west.

Jack trying to beat grandma at Go Fish.

Another contender is Natalie. They are really enjoying games and cards lately.

Tidepool critters down at La Jolla at our hotel.

Some kind of sandpiper type bird.

Out at the Coronado beach the sand is wide and you can walk for miles.

Jack skipping along ahead of grandma Joyce.

The mandatory trip to the Zoo began here. A lovely visit. Jack started out in a funky mood but got better fairly quick.

Some kind of panda variant, I'll have to look it up and amend this description later.

Natalie took this one of a leopard.

Natalie sitting on a friendly fox.

A real African elephant, just awesome.

Elsewhere in this photo album, we've got a picture of Natalie about age 3 sitting on this same bronze ape.

Our gigantic room at the hotel, enjoyed this part of the visit a lot.

This was the view out our window, we were right across the street from the main beach in La Jolla.

The kids spent tons of time looking at the tidepools.

Back in Tacoma, here's the Leavitt's nice present they sent pre-Christmas, a gingerbread house to assemble from parts.

Jack's lettering and spelling is getting much better. This one says " I wish you a merry christmas."

Christmas day! Under the tree.

Step 2 is upwrapping things.

Step 3 is putting things together. The kids got a lot of wonderful and fun stuff from Grandparents, Santa, etc.

This heron is perched on the neighbor's roof.

Final picture for the year--a picture frame Jack and dad put together out of beachcombed stuff.

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