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January - November 2014
Minus the Alaska cruise pictures which are on another chapter.

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Almost a year's worth of 2014 photos!

Natalie's book report poster, involved a simulated white furry animal sitting in a nest of paper bits. The book got a 2-star rating. This went along with her writeup about it, and all was presented verbally to her 4th grade class.

This is a post-mortem shot of one of about five mountain beavers caught during the summer by our hired trapper. We think they are "gone" at least until springtime comes when they come out, or migrate to the embankment where they burrow and eat ivy roots.

Just some momentary goofing around. Natalie had a nice dress on and her hair fixed up.

Another school project co-produced by Natalie's friend Sophia. "Are Big Dogs Faster" which involved a stopwatch on a timed course, averaging, and corrrelating with dog weight and leg length. They didn't have Excel when I was in school but with Dad's help they figured out a weak correlation.

It's Easter! Jack lost that one upper tooth, the other came out shortly afterwards.

Lulu the dog in her sunny spot--her favorite.

Jack badly wanted to wear a tie for a couple days. The teacher and kids were impresssed.

Old school camera equipment, nice but so less convenient to utilize in the modern day. Now we use a 10-year-old Canon point and shoot, 5MP.

The old deteriorated Kalakala lives down near us. Natalie did a report on the Washington State Ferries, which involved some picture taking, combing information from brochures and history books, and creating a poster.

Part of a research trip to Vashon Island one springtime day.

Natalie, age 9-1/2.

This is Jack's sixth birthday party, with his friends. He really likes Autumn, the girl to his left.

Jack's artistic and literary contribution to "Young Authors" which is a Browns Point Elementary springtime (and end of school year) event.

Scenery around here. Some very large container ships are starting to come to Tacoma now.

Pink clouds, only slightly photoshopped.

This was on the 4th of July.

In the parade, the kids rode their scooters. They are not bicycle-adept yet.

Moon over Rainier.

This was a day trip to Seattle, with three moms, two cars, and eight kids.

Near Pike Place market.

That police horse had a badge, see it?

With Sara, our friends Stephanie and Erica.

I like this picture of these two.

On a several day trip to Bellingham in summer. That's Dave's brother John on the right.

Porter family, near the fountain in Red Square at WWU.

The entire Porter and Leavitt and Richardson clan. Lots of them, huh?

The kids loved this swimming lake (Padden) in Bellingham. We also swam in Lk. Whatcom the following day.

This was at the Salmon BBQ, with some monkeys in a tree.

Natalie and Sara.

Some of Dave's colleagues, with wives, visited for a BBQ on a hot day here. That's Ben, Coury, Will, and Dave. Coury was visiting for a couple weeks from Charleston, SC.

Jack in mid-leap. They love our tiny pool on hot days.

Comfy spot for two.

Now this is Natalie's birthday party, her 10th. We just had cake, pizza, and boat rides here--no large production beyond that.

Nappy Birthday, Natalie!

Shortly after Natalie's birthday, the kids head off for school. Here they are ready to go out the door for 1st and 5th grade.

Unusual cloud and shadow formations.

Kids in a boat, a common occurrence in the summer.

Family shot.

Goofing around in the nice weather. Jack has become a little bit of a show-off.

Swirly sunset clouds.

Jack reading his Minecraft book.

One final sunset, and we say goodbye until the next set gets posted. Thanks for looking at our pictures!

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