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The anticipation builds, but not all of the presents are under the tree yet.

Xmas morning, before the first present is opened. Natalie got the present that was physically the largest.

All kids loved their Christmas, Natalie got the Barbie-sized dollhouse in the background, a mini van, and here you can see Jack's fancy black SUV.

Ice pellets, about 1/2 inch in diameter.

Here is Jack sampling their taste inside on the dining room table.

Awww. Sleepy Jack with Natalie peeking out behind him. He fell asleep in Sara's arms. He is skipping naps about 50% of afternoons.

Window wrapping in the master upstairs: 95% done! Now there are only 6 more to go.

A kids dinner: pizza, carrot sticks, and "cheese puffs!" Mmmmm.

Here's a view of the "king tide" they call it, highest in a couple years. It's +14 feet approx. above mean low tide. You can see it up near the front of the deck the Californian renters built, that (used to be) behind a log that since floated away. I predict this deck will be gone within a couple months. Luckily there was no south wind, waves, or low pressure.

Notice how high the water is in relation to some of those low-lying houses. The neighbor down the other way said they had water in their ground floor.

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