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This guy ran a light and swiped Sara's front-end, but he lied to the insurance company saying he was going on green. Therefore we had to pay the deductible. Fender benders are sure a hassle.

Jack in a little snow, Feb 24th.

More snow on the magnolia blossoms preparing to bloom.

Jack's "white bunny" security blanket. He sleeps and naps with it every day.

Pretty sunrise, March 2nd Click here for a big version.

Natalie and Jack about to head out for the school bus. An unusually warm day, note the shirtsleeves on 3-6-11. We've had the coldest April on record here, average 52 degrees for the days high, about 5 degrees lower than historical average.

Spring squall and rainbow. Click here for large version.

Everyone went to the Puyallup "Spring Fair" in the pouring cold rain. Kids had fun despite conditions.

Jack had a horse ride.

And here they were looking at the baby chicks.

Dave got an eye inflammation that's lasted for weeks, it's still not over. Here is the clinical shot maybe I'll share with the opthamologist. I'm not sure if the camera exaggerates it, but there is a cloudiness in the cornea. I personally think it could well have been caused by sensitivity to a mildew-killing spray stuff they sell at Costco.

Kids laying in the thick spring grass in the yard.

Practicing some dance moves.

A new yard area, which involved screening about a cubic yard of soil for gravel and stones, then shipping about half of that down the stairs in buckets to the beach..

Natalie took this picture of our new annuals, newly installed in pots. We do have some more april pictures in print form that need to be scanned and inserted into here.

Natalie at her dance recital, on a real stage, with a real (big!) audience. This picture and following taken with a film camera scanned to CD. You can see the film's graininess. Film cameras are good for low light and more technically demanding situations than our basic digital can do.

The light was very low so these pix aren't that technically great, plus you weren't allowed to use a flash.

Natalie and one of her Barbie friends.

A favorite occupation, looking for trains over at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

You can see Browns Point, and the arrow indicates the tiny speck of our house.

Natalie receiving a student of the month award along with several other 1st graders. That's not her regular teacher.

The old aluminum sliding door, 9 feet wide, standard height. Anodized bronze color, double-pane. At least one of the section had a bad seal and fog in it. It leaked around the bottom, and a breeze blew through the cracks, the sealing points were so deteriorated.

New! Triple-pane low-E glass, argon filled. Its made of vinyl but with fiberglass content for reinforcing. It slides so easy, it's amazing! We got a super deal, around $1,200 for the window, $500 installation.

From the inside, you can see the white color stands out somewhat compared to the old one.

Another off-to-the-bus shot. Compare this one from April, to a similar one September last year.

Here is a combined birthday for Judy Smith, her son Jeff (furthest back on the right), and Jack Porter age 3. Also shown are Brian Smith, and his son Kevin.

Jack getting ready to head out.

Look at that beautiful profile! Natalie with her hair in a "bun" getting ready for dress rehearsal of "The Mermaid" a dance production put on by the Parks Dept. Natalie is in the "seabird" group, and she's the leader of her little team (first one out to go thru their paces).

They were getting ready for a picture by a professional, we'll get that soon and post it as well.

Seabirds in training. Natalie is 59 lbs. now, and Jack has actually lost weight the past few weeks.

Jack will be embarassed by this shot, some day. Natalie likes to dress him up in her various accessories, such as these ones for princesses.

Low sun and grey clouds in the late late spring. It still hasn't turned up very warm. Our cool spring continues. Amazingly, it's the end of May and most rhododendrons are yet to bloom.

Our first rose from the bush in the pot. A beautiful double pink rose.

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