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June thru mid-September 2011
Summer and into Fall

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The fruits of our labors. Sorry couldn't resist. This is part of the result of summer berry picking with the kids. We got 13 lbs. in an hour, and then washed and ate most of them that day.

This is Natalie's friend Gigi, and Nat at their friend Catherine's birthday party (held at the "spray park."

The whole cast including Jack. Catherine is second from left.

A quick trip to Long Beach, sans Dave.

Ben and Judy Smith hosted, at the time-share they rented.

Jack in their pool, very comfortable in the water now.


Love to the kids, Long Beach WA.

That looks like a crab in the background, but an uncrabby person on the left.

Carrots, harvest #1.

This picture is actually out of order, it was taken at the Spring Fair but we only recently got this paper print scanned back to jpg.

Carrots, harvest #2. Not bad for a $1.00 packet of seeds. However that didn't count the labor to screen the rocks out of about a yard of soil to get ready.

We visited Bellingham for our usual summer trip. Jack is getting adept on his three wheeler. Sam and Daisy followed.

Into the lake, yay! Natalie has a mask and can go underwater now.


That's Sara on the left, Sam, and Jack down in a hole.

The pie Dave cooked and took up to Bellingham, still warm. We get about 2 or 3 pies a year from the apple tree down on the beach.

Happy 7th Birthday, Natalie, August 26th.

Once again the bouncy house visits for the party.

Daisy resting. She's rather creaky and is on medications for her arthritis in her hip joints. A good old dog, for sure.

Natalie Jack and Dave went for a "hike" at Point Defiance park. The kids love finding things and exploring in the woods, there's a lot to see.

Sam, Joyce and Daniel visited on their way out of town. A brief lunch, then "goodbye" 'til we meet again in Honolulu this fall.

Off to school, before it was rudely interrupted by the teacher's strike.

Our new dog Poppy. She's a "chi-weenie" (Chihuahua / Dachsund mix) about 11 lbs. Very sweet personality. She just showed up our door one day, and with the blessing of the former owner has joined our family.

She's calm and non-barky, and loves the kids..

Natalie, age 7.

This one was only recently scanned, and is Natalie's first grade school picture.

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