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October thru November 2011
Fall plus a Hawaii trip

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The pro forma trip to the Puyallup Fair in late September. It's a must.

Still shorts weather, notice the lovely mountain in the background.

Our beach--literally. We pay taxes on the segment where the photographer stands.

Jack and his dad went on an expedition to Mt. Rainier, and happened upon a steam train about to leave for a 2 hour ride to "Mineral Lake." An old logging route. Much fun, lovely weather, and Jack really enjoyed it.

Up at Paradise, we hiked for quite a while. Jack was a trooper and didn't want to turn back. Eventually we reached snow, about 6,000 feet elevation. When you hike in late summer after a high-altitude frost, there are ZERO bugs which is a plus.

Snow! Just a little tiny patch of it left over from the previous winter.

Narada Falls, first really large waterfall Jack had ever seen.

Poppy Porter, our new dog.

The following weekend, we took Nat's friend Rachel plus Jack up to the mountain. Sara was studying. About the same experience as before, weather wise. A lovely lovely day up above Paradise. About 10 minutes before this picture was taken, a fox crossed the trail about 50 feet in front of us.

Kids, steps, and a John Muir quote.

On the way back we visited a grove of giant trees. Kids had never seen such a thing.

Mia Porter, age about 12 or 12-1/2.

Halloween! Natalie invited her friend Rachel.

"Typical" sunset, well maybe slightly better than that.

Wow! A trip to Honolulu for a week. The kids are old enough where they are good airplane travellers, even on a 5-1/2 hour flight.

We met Dave's mom & dad there, they departed from San Diego.

Our hotel (the Aston Waikiki Tower) was directly across the street from a nice public beach with excellent calm swimming. Our room was a 2-bed 2-bath with kitchen, large deck, and faced the ocean. In fact our deck was directly behind Mom's head in this picture, on the 6th floor.

The first of many sand structures built by Sam and Jack.



You have to bury Dad in the sand, if you're a 7 and 3-1/2 year old.

Natalie and Sara floating.

Naptime for young and old(er).

One day we "headed out" for a bus ride (public bus) all the way around the island. With one stop for lunch at Turtle Beach resort, it took about 4 hours. I think the bill was $6.75 for Dave & Sara & kids were free, Mom and Dad got charged a dollar each! The North Shore was lovely, and some of us had never been over to this side of Oahu.

Joyce, Sam, Nat and Jack. We usually went to the beach for two or three hours every morning.

On a stroll.

Inside the large tree outside the Zoo.

Another tree picture taken by Sam.

In the petting zoo, there was a place to get inside a large fishtank.

Outside view of fishtank.

On the Trolley, Jack was showing a few signs of being tired.

A Waikiki beach sunset.

Our large deck was a huge plus to have.

Jack's favorite "white bunny" made the trip too.

Wandering the streets, there's Sara, Jack and Natalie. Taken from our deck.

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