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Almost a year's worth of 2014 photos!

I cut the post off and installed a pier block. Before, the post sat in a pool of water, probably for a couple of decades.

This was the bottom of the post I cut off. About one square inch of wood was holding up a corner of the house--the rest was rotted away!

Lulu our rescue shelter dog, about 3 years old. We got her on January 3rd, 2012.

Icing conditions for a day or two. Beautiful!

For a while there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground here. I think three or four school days were missed.

Daisy Porter plus her friend Lulu. They had about a month together and became great friends.

These two pictures were just a couple hours before we took Daisy in to be put down. What a sad day, January 31st. We miss our Daisy so much.

Lulu and Daisy.

A couple hours later Daisy was in her resting spot in the yard. She will be near us always. Daisy was the best dog ever.

The neighbors had to reside their house to sell it. They had that fake stucco stuff that leaks water. The new neighbors are now moved in--Kim and Dennis.

Seaside OR for spring break. Both kids swim like fish now.

On the beach.

Lulu couldn't handle being off leash, she tends to take off exploring.

In the bed.

Last of the shingle siding is up but not yet painted. Needs two more coats. oil primer and latex finish.

At a festival at the community center, the kids got airbrushed tattoos.

Here is Jack's preschool class. He made a lot of nice friends like Cooper, Holden, Sophie, and Sunshine.

At the Spring Tea, the kids sang some songs.

Happy fourth birthday, Jack! May 22nd.

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