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May through November 2012
A whole summer plus fall!

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Swirly fun clouds.

This is Lulu the shelter dog. She has turned into a great family dog for us. She just has a handful of behavior issues when meeting other dogs, possibly a product of her upbringing "on the street."

This is Dave's mom & dad's condo in Bellingham, it's on the bottom row in the middle. This view is from a couple miles away down on the waterfront.

Natalie playing blocks with Sam, during our summer visit.

Natalie up on two wheels! She learned real quick, having graduated from a home made "balance bike." Here's a video.

Surprise! A broken window at 3:00 a.m. during a windstorm. The window is about 3.5 x 5 feet, $700 bucks. It used to be non-tempered which is not to code. Hence the high cost to replace.

This was very cool, one day the "first nations" (indian tribes) ran about 70 or 100 dugout type canoes past our house. They started up by Bellingham, then several days later camped out at Dash Point near here, and finally went on to Olympia. The parade during this day lasted for hours and hours, I'd hate to be the boat bringing up the rear, about 6 hours late!

Just fooling around in Dad's shoes, plus Lulu.

Washington Pass summit, about 5,600 feet. Lovely! On our way to Winthrop.

I can see we need to get one! In back is the Methow river, our place was right on the river bank, with a large green yard for fun. Lulu went with us on this trip.

Dad and Jack kayaking down the river, on a 90+ degree day.

Summertime, and the livin' is easy!

There's that big yard again.

After a few days at Winthrop, we moved on to Leavenworth. It was even hotter here, mid 90's at least.

Jack broke his arm just above the right elbow. The cast was on only for about 3 or 4 weeks. Courtesy of his scooter.

Terry the neighbor brought this over in late summer, and we had it for *at least!* 3 or 4 meals. (You're supposed to pick 'em when they are small). Our own farming exercise was a bust (no carrots), but we did grow some nice tomatoes.

Dave got an award, and a cash bonus. Here is the trophy. They almost but didn't quite patent my idea, but gave me some ideas for future Intellectual Property submissions.

A whole lot of Porters, just count 'em! That's Bill and Carol Porter, it was wonderful they had a chance to visit.

Natalie's 8th birthday party, unwrapping stuff.

The usual party layout. You can see our new "gazebo" which is actually an aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic "carport." Much much better than the old one.

This is standard, a bouncy house.

Happy Birthday dear Natalie, happy 8th birthday to you!!

A few days later, headed out for the first day of 3rd grade. Jack will enter Kindergarden next year. Lulu walks with us to the bus every day.

On a camel or dromedary, if anyone knows the difference (we didn't ask). That's Sedona Person in the middle, she's in 2nd grade this year.

These are the monster pictures in preparation for Halloween. About half are Jack's who is becoming a very fine and creative artist.

I like this one, it's the desktop background on my laptop right now. The fill flash lit him up just right.

Our friend Greg Vernon from Switzerland visited for an afternoon. Great to see you Greg! His folks live in Lacey WA, and Greg grew up in Bellevue, and worked with Dave at Boeing for a few years.

A nice box of pears from our tree. They are a little tricky to ripen but way way sweeter and tastier than the store variety.

Natalie Porter, "student of the month" award in October. Her friend Sophia was honored similarly.

A sleep over, before the sleep began. Natalie's friend Rachel (left) and Josie (second from right) were visitors.

Some nice painting out in the yard on a warm afternoon. Can't do this much later than about October, usually.

Nat and Rachel made posters for school.

Jack all tuckered out, in the ottoman. There's Lulu!

All set for Halloween.

In the middle is Nat and Jack's cousin Dillon, at his 1 year birthday party. He is the son of Sara's cousin Tanya and her husband John.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We visited at Ben and Judy's.

Nice family picture

Natalie is a lovely girl as you see here.

Here's the entire Sara and Dave Porter family, but not pictured are the fish, frogs, and snails (yet more pets).

Sara, Ben, and Judy.

This is Jeff Smith, Sara's brother.

Brian Smith, a couple years younger. Sara is the youngest Smith.

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